Jens-Peter Brauner

CEO ● Siemens Mobility Ltd (HK)

Peter is an expert in the transportation sector for 30 years. He earned degrees in electrical engineering and economic psychology, because for him, technology and people belong together, especially when it comes to digital transformation and the application of artificial intelligence. By living and working throughout Europe, America and Asia, he became passionate about diversity and leveraging cultural synergies for the development of people centric innovations.



Chris Ferguson

Director - National, International & Research ● UK Government Digital Service (UK)

Di-Ann Eisnor

CWeO Cities ● The We Company (Formerly known as WeWork) (US)

James Law

Chairman & CEO ● James Law Cybertecture (HK)

Ren Yee

Head of Innovation Strategy & Forecasting ● UNStudio; Head of Design/Strategies ● UNSense (The Netherlands)

Otto Ng

Design Director ● LAAB (HK)

Eric Schuldenfrei

Founding Partner ● ESKYIU; Head of the Department of Architecture ● The University of Hong Kong (HK)

Gene Soo

General Manager ● Citymapper (HK)